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Our in person services continue each Sunday at 11am - our online services also continue to be available from 11am as normal.

You and I have the power to build up or break down. Our words can be wise and life giving or weaponised and life destroying. As Albin unpacks James 3 we learn the power of our words and the need for God's grace and wisdom in our words and in our lives.

NB This week's video does not have titles or text due to technical difficulties. The songs are led by Ali Rankin and the reading is by Elizabeth Pollock and the prayers led by Joan Pollock

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around the table

Mid Week Devotion (June)

Grab a coffee (or tea!) get around your kitchen, dining, coffee table or in your favourite chair
Have a Bible to hand and your smartphone, tablet, computer and join me as we sit with Jesus around the table and learn from him the ‘...unforced rhythms of grace...” (Matthew 11:29 The Message)